From Argentina to Greece, via Belgium or France.
Barely settled, yet on the move again. How can the artist reconcile her art and her activity as an agricultural entrepreneur, driven by all the new ideas that biodiversity offers...?

I carry in my luggage, herbaria, drawings and watercolours of plants, collected at random from my country walks. These are transferred or painted on vintage sheets or embroidered napkins, found in the Argentine cupboards of my grandmothers, which I have previously coated with both transparent and drippings of white “gesso”.

Linens that have been used by my family from generation to generation...
Perhaps an unconscious way to anchor my roots...

At this point, my investigation begins. In the library. In the books and dictionaries of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris where I patiently carry out my research. Descriptions of specimens, illustrations and ancient etchings of these plants or flowers, previously unknown to me and chosen at a whim.

I go from wonder to wonder when I discover the breath-taking, beautiful and complex world of Botany.

My imaginary herbaria are only a very small contribution, a poetic offering to share the beauties of Nature. The beauty of plants, flowers and seeds. The exquisite charm of the books and engravings dedicated to them. These botanical books that have been wandering for centuries. A whole universe that we must protect.

They accompany me. They follow me wherever I go.

When the time for departure looms, I wrap my canvases covered in flowers, weeds, embroidery, my linens dotted with botanical descriptions, engravings, details, poems, Latin names and vulgar, common names...

All the work accomplished in the place that I am leaving for a time... With the promise of returning…

Inés GZ.